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May 20, 2012
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God vs Satan by ResponsibleAtheist God vs Satan by ResponsibleAtheist



Seriously, there are many reasons why God is worse than Satan:

1. God was the one who created Satan. Since God is omniscient, he knew that Satan would cause suffering.
2. In the Bible, God has killed way more people than Satan (after all, Satan never killed almost EVERYONE in the world)
3. In 2 Samuel 24:1, God tells David to number Israel and Judah, while in 1 Chronicles 21:1, it's Satan who supposedly told David to number Israel. This would mean that God and Satan are the SAME being.

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Crime count:
Mastema Lucifel, Ha-Satan of the World: State-authorized bio-weaponry, about a dozen murders...under order of someone else. Unfalsifiable usury and political coup, likely jusitifiable desertion from Baal Yahweh...and a lot of other crimes that only Baal Yahweh and/or his defendants claim he did
Baal Yahweh, Guardian of the World: Multiple accounts of genocide, attempted murder-suicide, kind of countless war crimes(Geneva convention not invented), omnicide and intentions for omnicide, over 2 million recorded cases of familicide(He is supposed to be our Father). Oh, and considering he allowed the existence of death, Baal Yahweh is indirectly responsible for the death of every sentinet being who has ever existed. Then there's an inability to confirm without bias, disregard for democratic institutions, religious despotism and tyranny, mass slavery, child abuse, second-degree child abuse, permission of slavery(granted, slavery was legal back then), blatantly lying about the truth, even more blatant hypocrisy, breaking multiple commandments, environmental damage, guilt tripping, probable eugenics, emontial abuse, torture, permission of torture...and the indirect, infinite torture through fire of every single one of his children 

Mastema Lucifel, Ha-Satan of the World: Emancipation, possibly usury, probably being forced
Baal Yahweh, Guardian of the World: Blind and endless worship from all sentient beings, desire for punishment for a crime that his victim's ancestors commited thousands of years ago, that was considered a crime because he claimed it was

Result: The system is rigged because of bias of Baal Yahweh by more than half of the world population started by Baal Yahweh. If humanity had any sense, Baal Yahweh would be the most evil being not sure in all history, but in all of sentient thought
WHOGIVESAFLYINGDUCKS Apr 2, 2014  Student General Artist
What if God and Satan are one dude and he's just bipolar. *boom* heard that? That was minds exploding all over the world. XD idk im so sleep deprived right now.
Sounds interesting :)
both of them! (or at least god, according to the devil's Apocrypha.)
Well i have always believed God is good and Satan is evil. God may have flooded the world but that is because human kind had turned evil and murder, thievery and corruption were the norm.
What about the babies and children? And what about the animals? Couldn't God have just made the bad people drop dead, thereby saving a lot of effort and collateral damage.
And that's where the catholic church split so much. I can't really explain that much in detail because im not an expert on religion or a priest of Catholicism. While some would say that it was all a big metaphor others would say that it all actually happened. I personally believe that if the old testament is 100 % true it meant the world was dieing, and instead of destroying the world he tried to take the few who were good and try to start new. I don't think anyone may ever know in this age whether God is real or not. The only way to find out is when you die...
''the world was dieing, and instead of destroying the world he tried to take the few who were good and try to start new''

That doesnt' explain why he didn't kill all those people in a more efficient way. And how was the world dying? Society isn't the same as the world.
I meant as a whole people were killing each other and chaos was widespread. 
I sort of don't like the thought of making someone who stands up for free will and not being a slave the villain of your story. 
I think Lucifer makes for a much more interesting fictional character, evil or otherwise. 

Also, when I was a small kid my father and I had this argument about whose favorite myth was cooler, and I'm still a bit upset about it. 
If I ever include these two into a fantasy book, Yahweh will be working for the villains, and so will his Junior. 
Their horrible temper really runs in the family... 

I don't think either is historical, but you DO have to give the writers of the gospels some kudos for completely revolutionizing the genre of the greek heroic epos. It spawned a whole new archetype and started this idea that a hero is not just of exeptional power, but exceptional morals, even if I, by today's standards, don't find that dude's morals that exceptional.
Stone unruly children? Women, shut up? "I have come to turn your families against each other?"
*shakes head*
But it's a product of its time, made by fallible humans, so I guess it's not fair to compare to today. 
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