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May 20, 2012
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God vs Satan by ResponsibleAtheist God vs Satan by ResponsibleAtheist



Seriously, there are many reasons why God is worse than Satan:

1. God was the one who created Satan. Since God is omniscient, he knew that Satan would cause suffering.
2. In the Bible, God has killed way more people than Satan (after all, Satan never killed almost EVERYONE in the world)
3. In 2 Samuel 24:1, God tells David to number Israel and Judah, while in 1 Chronicles 21:1, it's Satan who supposedly told David to number Israel. This would mean that God and Satan are the SAME being.

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EnriqueArreguin777 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
1. God created everything, but in free will. He's not allowed to tell you how to live your life. He just tells you how it works, then you must decide what to follow. Lucifer chose to defy God's will and refused to bow down to mankind like the other children of God did. But God has a plan for everything. Satan will never win. Justice Always prevails, even if it takes a long period of time.

2. God is allowed to take away what he has given. He saw mankind's true intentions and the evil in our hearts. He used the flood to baptize the Earth, and sparred Noah and his family, making them start life all over again. Also, Noah warned many about what was to happen, and nobody listened or believed. So they perished...
Satan actually killed a few individuals himself. Some say 10 according to the wager he and God had. Others believe it ranges in the hundreds, though not as many as God. But Satan did this out of evil. God took all those lives into Paradise with him, making the reality appear in fact that he actually saved them and ceased their suffering.

3. God and Satan are not the same being. When God speaks, even Lucifer must obey. Though he defies him, he still fears him.

I am assuming you're an atheist who took the context too literal. But take this from a child of God who knows his faith and accepts His will. 
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
1. What was the point of creating Satan? Why couldn't God just take away his powers (which doesn't interefere with free will).
2. What about the children who didn't do anything? And war, racism, rape and so on simply continued afterwards, so it didn't really solve anything. And what reasons did Satan have for them? If committing several acts of genocide and infanticide is completely devoid of evil, doing something truly evil sounds quite difficult.
3. Nothing about your exuses implies that you're taking a less literal approach to the Bible than I did. And tons of Christians treat the Bible literally, and since they include most fundamentalists and extremists, that's the approach I take in these images and articles.
EnriqueArreguin777 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
1. God does not take away what he gives ever. He also taught this to us. It would be forcing something away.

2.No reason. And really, all Satan did was influence evil through time. Mankind here really did the sins. God is not to blame for our past sins. It is man's true intentions and nature. We can make any invention, then attach something deadly and create a weapon. Einstein was only a  genius for having the bluprints for the explosives, when really he wasn't that smart. Comitting evil seems pretty easy to do, but doing the right thing takes some thought.

3. I will be honest with you and say there are rarely any Christians left. These so called Christians are using God's name for their extreme morals and values, something God didn't teach. He gave us free will. Also, the bible is written in code for intelligent minds. Take the snake who spoke to Eve to eat the apple. A snake was the term used for a known liar. The devil appears as a snake to Eve. he was already a known angel, but suddenly appeared a liar. There are many things that shouldn't be taken literal, including the Holy war.It's a war with ourselves, not everyone around us. Really, our church has been corrupted. But at least some of us know...

And now you know too.
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
1. In your last message you literally said ''God is allowed to take away what he has given''. I guess that's okay when it comes to human life, but not when it comes to depowering the most evil and dangerous being in existence.
2. If God designed humans, he also designed human nature. He's therefor responsible for actions resulting from human nature. And since Einstein did design the bluprints (and also did A LOT MORE in his life than that), I would say that he's pretty smart.
3. If you claim to accept Jesus as your lord and savior, you're a Christian. Christians are therefor still the majority. And wouldn't God want as many people as possible to understand his teachings and wishes?
EnriqueArreguin777 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
1. Lucifer is still his son. The lost coin. The lost sheep. You may not believe the Bible, but i'm sure you read the parable about the father who had a good son and a bad son. In the end, he welcomed back his bad son. See, when a shepherd looses a sheep, he leaves his flock to search for the one that is lost and celebrates afterward. Or when people criticized Jesus for coming to save the sinners, not those who didn't sin. And really, when God takes away this life, he exchanges it for paradise.

2. Just with a thought, God could make science die, or even move forward.

3. He would love that, but he said force isn't the way. He made man in his image, but with free will. You may accept him or not. Some people use the excuse that they are clean and can help those who don't believe to be saved. I think we're all dirty. You're more innocent if you don't know what not to sin, then for us Christians who teach, but don't follow what we teach. You can see why the persecution continues. God isn't to blame. He's not the bad guy. You and me are the bad guys.

Some say this is a test of God. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Either way, you and I may as well be responsible for the world's troubles since we watch them and do nothing.
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
1. Even if you still care about someone who's destructive and evil, that doesn't mean that you should allow him to do all those terrible things. And it's not an exchange for paradise if it's one of the billions of people who (according to the Bible and Christianity) go to hell.
2. Science is simply using experiments and empirical observation to make conclusions about reality. You can't make it die.
3.  It doesn't interfere with free will when you simply make yourself easy to understand. If God is omniscient, than he knows exactly how to convince people of his existence. And if we are evil because of our nature, than the being who gave us our nature is responsible for that evil.

''Either way, you and I may as well be responsible for the world's troubles since we watch them and do nothing''

You mean like God does?
EnriqueArreguin777 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
We don't decide. We're not judges. Everyone might be going to Paradise and we may not know it.

Not us. God can make science disappear if he wanted to.

Yes, it does interfere. It's similar to when you want to do your own stuff but your father is standing in front of you, watching you. Say you create something with so much love and care, but ends up evil. Are you evil for this? We're not necessarily evil since many of us learn and repent for our misdeeds.

God always acts. Everything happens for a reason. People die for a reason. People suffer for a reason. Don't take this out on God. A true athiest wouldn't blame someone he or she doesn't believe in. You were better off blaming me, yourself, and the human race for being savage.

The argument could've been pushed to other gods, yet you chose to blame the true living God. My friend, you acknowledge his existence. What I don't understand is why you can't take responsibility. Why is God the bad guy here. He has Never committed an act of evil, yet you and me have. Why not say you're a bad person, or I'm a bad person?
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
Jesus said in the Bible that most people won't make it to heaven (Matthew 7:13-14).

How? By disproving certain conclusions drawn by scientists? That wouldn't make the scientific method die, just some conclusions drawn by scientists.

When your dad doesn't allow you to do something, he's only interfering with your freedom, not with your free will. If he was brainwashing or hypnotizing you to do things you don't want to do, than he's interfering with your free will. Freedom and free will aren't the same thing. We interfere with people's freedom all the time when it's for the greater good. That's why we have prisons.

''Are you evil for this?''     
If you knew that it was going to be evil and harmful, but you created it anyway, than you are evil for this. Would you defend someone who releases a deadly virus in the drinking water while he was fully aware of the horrible consequences it was going to have?

''A true athiest wouldn't blame someone he or she doesn't believe in.''
I'm not blaming God for allowing horrible things to happen in the same way that I don't blame Santa Clause for not delivering me presents this year. I'm just saying that if God existed (as you claim), than he couldn't be considered a good being. In reality I blame humanity for the evil things it does, because I know that there isn't a god who controls and manipulates these things.

''He has Never committed an act of evil, yet you and me have''

The reason I'm not blaming other gods in this discussion is because these aren't gods that you are defending. If I was having this discussion with a Muslim, I would be arguing that Allah was bad.

What would you consider an evil act from God? What action is God able to commit that even you wouldn't defend? If there isn't any, than maybe you should consider the fact that you blindly accept whatever you believe God throws at you and other people.
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megzy-tweenie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member Student General Artist
GO SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
succubuss82 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
I'm not going to debate for hours since I lack the time but you should really look deeper in your research.
First, Satan is NOT the creation of anyone, including (if not "first") "God", whatever his name is. Satan is at least as old as "God/nameless divinity" and pre-dates the birth of the world and (obviously) Christianity by millions of years.
Secondly, the level of "evil" of a deity you probably never spoke with (I assume so at least) can't in any measure come from a book that was wrote by humans, even less by Christians which obviously side with their "God".
And thirdly.. have you ever actually read the Bible? If you did you'd be bound to know that it includes an endless list of horrible atrocities against people, not just bad ones too, coming FROM "God" and acknowledging "God" 's incredibly sadistic nature, certainly NOT his "love" for mankind.. he seems to hate it if anything and create episodes and situation in which a person loses his/her mind while trying to meet his expectations, failing and finding everything he/she loves wiped out/killed/destroyed BY "God".

So I'd say that while the Christians worship a deity that is extremely clearly (once you read the book) a monster who commits nefarious deeds at every given time and highly dislikes humans, Satan is only mentioned within a very few sequences and isn't attribuited any particular atrocity other than going up against "God" and therefore being sent in disgrace in Hell.

Let us all now question.. what could have Satan (this fictional Christian approved Satan) possibly said to "God" to deserve such a terrible fate...? Maybe "Why are you being such a dick with mankind?"

We may never know, if we ask a church, a priest, or any Pope that ever was. But maybe we should all consider that when in ancient times people were rumored to speak WITH the Gods for their help or approval (and not with sacrifices, which are highly offensive as all use of blood and flesh and bones and whatnot).. maybe those weren't rumors, and those "ancient savages" knew about Gods way better than today's humans.. who rely on the empty lying words of people who call themselves priest or whatever WHO have more than likely never EVER spoke with a deity before and maybe don't ever believe in their existance.

Do your math.. things aren't so difficult to figure out. I'll give you a hint: it's pretty much all just upside down.
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