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May 20, 2012
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God vs Satan by ResponsibleAtheist God vs Satan by ResponsibleAtheist



Seriously, there are many reasons why God is worse than Satan:

1. God was the one who created Satan. Since God is omniscient, he knew that Satan would cause suffering.
2. In the Bible, God has killed way more people than Satan (after all, Satan never killed almost EVERYONE in the world)
3. In 2 Samuel 24:1, God tells David to number Israel and Judah, while in 1 Chronicles 21:1, it's Satan who supposedly told David to number Israel. This would mean that God and Satan are the SAME being.

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succubuss82 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
I'm not going to debate for hours since I lack the time but you should really look deeper in your research.
First, Satan is NOT the creation of anyone, including (if not "first") "God", whatever his name is. Satan is at least as old as "God/nameless divinity" and pre-dates the birth of the world and (obviously) Christianity by millions of years.
Secondly, the level of "evil" of a deity you probably never spoke with (I assume so at least) can't in any measure come from a book that was wrote by humans, even less by Christians which obviously side with their "God".
And thirdly.. have you ever actually read the Bible? If you did you'd be bound to know that it includes an endless list of horrible atrocities against people, not just bad ones too, coming FROM "God" and acknowledging "God" 's incredibly sadistic nature, certainly NOT his "love" for mankind.. he seems to hate it if anything and create episodes and situation in which a person loses his/her mind while trying to meet his expectations, failing and finding everything he/she loves wiped out/killed/destroyed BY "God".

So I'd say that while the Christians worship a deity that is extremely clearly (once you read the book) a monster who commits nefarious deeds at every given time and highly dislikes humans, Satan is only mentioned within a very few sequences and isn't attribuited any particular atrocity other than going up against "God" and therefore being sent in disgrace in Hell.

Let us all now question.. what could have Satan (this fictional Christian approved Satan) possibly said to "God" to deserve such a terrible fate...? Maybe "Why are you being such a dick with mankind?"

We may never know, if we ask a church, a priest, or any Pope that ever was. But maybe we should all consider that when in ancient times people were rumored to speak WITH the Gods for their help or approval (and not with sacrifices, which are highly offensive as all use of blood and flesh and bones and whatnot).. maybe those weren't rumors, and those "ancient savages" knew about Gods way better than today's humans.. who rely on the empty lying words of people who call themselves priest or whatever WHO have more than likely never EVER spoke with a deity before and maybe don't ever believe in their existance.

Do your math.. things aren't so difficult to figure out. I'll give you a hint: it's pretty much all just upside down.
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Maybe you only know a few specific forms of Christianity, but most versions of Christianity (or simply the Abrahamic religions) believe God created Satan (who was supposedly one of his angels before opposing him).

''And thirdly.. have you ever actually read the Bible? If you did you'd be bound to know that it includes an endless list of horrible atrocities against people, not just bad ones too, coming FROM "God" and acknowledging "God" 's incredibly sadistic nature, certainly NOT his "love" for mankind..''

You REALLY haven't read the description, have you?
succubuss82 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Maybe you don't get it.. let me say that again then:

Christianity can believe whatever it wants, it can say Santa Claus is an elf from Mordor and only brings gifts to the Jews. It STILL won't matter because to believe what Christianity says one MUST assume that is 100% accurate.

My point of view comes from knowing the events and Gods themselves and asking them all for the one and only briefing about what happened. Satan never was an "angel of God" or anything like it, not did he ever have less power, nor was he (or any other God) ever created "by God". That is absolute nonsense, invented to confuse and lead people on a weak path of acceptance and forget not to be enslaved by lies told by the humans who run churches and other mass controlling istitutions that last milliennia BECAUSE people keep not bothering looking elsewhere for the ONLY one Truth but just believe anything that is taught them.

That's pretty much it. If you want to believe the 2000 years old lies.. be my guest, what happens to you and your grandchildren and their grandchildren is none of my concern. If you want to make your OWN research about the REAL Truth about everything in history, I'll consider you wiser than I do now and you'll be free to choose whatever you can change in life.

ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
In case you don't get it: I'm an Atheist, NOT a Christian. This whole deviation is about a particular (but widely held) belief about Satan. If you have a different idea about the devil, than this deviation is irrelevant to you.

And what religion are you a part of? Which gods did you contact? What proof do you have that you had actual contact with gods.
succubuss82 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Religion is for those who follow someone else's belief into a group of people who "worship" a god. I don't worship, I love the Gods I met for they are the best friends a human being could get. As for proof.. lol, give me an example of what a good proof would be to you and I'll tell you if it's possible. It is however not in MY interest to give proof of something I know for a fact already to someone who very probably already decided not to believe me. "To explain the truth to a man who refused reason is like administering medicine to the dead." I hope for you that you're not that man. I doubt there's proof "I" could give you anyway. The Gods can, of course. Ask them. There's no need for "priests" who tell you the word of their maybe made up own "God" if you're capable of speaking with them yourself. You'll get tons of useful information and wisdom, certainly not evil outcomes like those unable to speak with "God" claim. They know nothing yet they shove their "religion" down everyone else's throat. Why, I'll never understand. It's human to err, but we can learn if we so choose.
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Some basic proof: What are their names? What did they tell you about the nature of the universe, humanity and so on? How did they appear to you and how did this convince you that they were really gods? Those are some questions that you should first answer if you want me to believe you.
succubuss82 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
That's the point. I don't want you to just believe me on my word. You see what I'm getting at? I'm offering a visual from a point of view other than yours. I know this to be true but I have no real interest in having you or anybody else I don't care about know the truth. I'm not a catholic/christian/jews/islamic or else and so I won't try to shove beliefs I have absolutely no proof of down your throat to convert you to anything I may want you to believe.
What I'm saying is basically, I have never believed a word from religions (any religion or belief) without any proof that was REALLY good enough for me to understand and believe (and I won't say "some book" written by some human some time ago is any sort of proof, anyone can write a book and say it was God who told them to do it). So I run years of research by myself on anything that didn't make sense in the world: ghosts, paranormal phenomena, psychic powers, energy, yoga, meditation, ancient civilizations. Anything I didn't have an answer to and that no living "priest" or pope or whatever human can "just know" and give me made up misleading information.
Turns out there's a lot more that the untrained eye can see and much more that we normally can't sense. Real Gods live in a dimension different from ours so we can't "just see them" and people who usually witness what they ignorantly call angels or black lights or anything actually are perceiving the existence of a deity. They're (in my experience) extremely friendly and wise and know a lot about all science and matters that daily happen on the Earth we know. They don't appear at all as "monsters" but are extremely attractive, way more genuine than any human model or actor/actress you see on tv who people refer to as "perfect". When you get to know the Gods you understand perfection is still way too far from those people as the beauty you learn to see isn't that of matter but that of the soul, you perceive and learn to appreciate the benefits and beauty of pure energy. Hence, you start using meditation to increase your ability to perceive and empower your own soul making it used to higher amounts of energy at a time. That increases tremendously your health and the more you learn from energy the more you understand how foolish it was to live a life without such knowledge. As for the probable "what do they want from us" question you may want to ask, I'll speak from experience cuz they never said they want anything "from" me. They help in so many ways I can't begin to name them all as (I realize) I just started learning something more valuable from them, they give great advice for living well, overcome poverty of mind, erase the chances to get ill in the future (just imagine how doctors and today's pharmaceutical institutions would describe them if they perceived them as a threat to their business), increase the odds to learn psychic abilities that are latent in our mind, teach a whole lot of stuff I can't even remember in order to make you a list.. basically, they do all they can to try and teach us how to evolve into anything closer to what they already are and all they ask in return is our friendship and mutual respect.
Your name, ResponsibleAtheist, suggests you are a person who hardly believes in anything "religious" or I guess supernatural and spiritual, so it is even less my intention to try to "force" you into learning anything for yourself or believe any word I said so far. What however I feel is my duty is to try to clarify to you the nature of a real God or Goddess as, after everything I've known and made sure of, I can't help but feel them as very close friends and want to defend their good name in a world where every ancient knowledge has been suppressed and corrupted by a few men who will do anything to ensure their foolish, one lifespanned, control over ignorant masses by speaking good of a "God" they probably never spoke with and call evil everything else they don't even know and didn't care to look up or get acquainted with.

That said, dear dude, this is what I know for sure for MYself. And I'm terribly happy with it and wouldn't give it up if you offered me a million bucks because the knowledge I gain from them is, in the long run, way more valuable than some cash with a finite value. At this point, if you like, I'll try to answer any answer you might have. I don't have ALL the answers nor want to pretend I do to act cool or as if I'm better than you or anyone else but I'll try to formulate a logic and plausible one.

Mordecaiser123 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
god cannot be considered as satan cause if it is true then we are ruled by a bunch of villains 
one of gods acts was to create man and what not,

how is satan and god the same being only for telling david to number israel and judah

but then again, can you at least show me more reaons why god is worse than satan do you have any more of it
ResponsibleAtheist Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
I think creating a near-omnipotent being which does nothing than corrupt people and do evil things is a good start, especially since an omniscient God knew all of that when he created him. Plus the fact that God has killed more people in the Bible than Satan.

And either God and Satan are the same person in the Bible, or the Bible give two conflicting accounts of the same event.
Mordecaiser123 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Yes you're right god did kill more than satan probably why satanists exist 
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